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Digesti Mediation and ADR Services
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Ronald Digesti's Rates
My rate is $400/hour

There are no set up, administrative ,retainer fees, per diem minimums or cancellation fees

The attorneys (or parties without an attorney) will be asked to sign a retention agreement (a sample retention agreement will be provided upon request).  The fee is presumed to be split equally between (or among) the parties, unless alternative arrangements are made.

Fees and Costs

My fees for ADR services are $400/hour for time spent reviewing the materials, consulting with counsel, preparing for,  attending the hearing, and follow up, if necessary. Travel time in excess of one hour is charged at $200/hour. All out of pocket expenses for travel, parking, postage, and other such expenses in connection with the mediation will be billed at cost. Copying is billed at $.25 per page.

All charges will be paid within thirty days of receipt of the itemized invoice.