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Digesti Mediation and ADR Services
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Ronald D. Digesti, Esq.
About Digesti Mediation and ADR Services
 Ronald Digesti is an experienced court and private neutral who is committed to assisting litigants in the resolution of their cases.  We serve all jurisdictions in Oregon, Washington,  Northern and Central California.  Because of the ever-increasing costs of litigation, dispute resolution outside the court system is a logical alternative to protracted court litigation. In most cases, mediation is a better option because:

  • It is confidential and private;
  • It is cost effective;
  • It takes less time;
  • It occurs in a calm and peaceful environment as opposed to a crowded courtroom;
  • The parties can have full participation in the proceedings rather than leaving it all up to the lawyers;
  • It allows the parties to work together to come to a resolution;
  • The parties retain more control of the outcome;
  • It is less emotional;
  • The resolution is more predictable than a jury verdict;
  • There is no judgment of fault or liability.

In mediation, I focus on assisting the parties in reaching an agreement. This is not always easy, since the parties sometimes have very different views of the facts and emotions can run high. I pride myself in being able to diffuse some of that emotion, by being honest and straight-forward with the parties and attorneys, treating all with respect, understanding, empathy and even employing humor when appropriate.

In an arbitration, though different from mediation, the same as above apply, but in addition, I listen intently to all the evidence and arguments presented, ask questions, do my own research if necessary, prior to making a decision. I have found that parties need to feel that they have had a fair hearing and will feel positive toward the experience, even if the decision is not what they wanted.

I was a mediator, arbitrator, court neutral, and temporary judge (Santa Clara County, CA) since 1997, in addition to having a thriving law practice. I have relocated to Tigard, OR.

I have completed alternate dispute training at the Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University.

A native of Reno, Nevada, I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1971. I spent 9 years (active duty and reserve) in the United States Army (Captain, Infantry). I obtained a post-graduate degree from the University of California, Davis in 1977. I then worked at Syntex Corporation in Palo Alto, while attending law school at Santa Clara University. I obtained my J.D. degree in 1986 and after passing the California bar, began private practice in San Jose.  I am also admitted to practice in Oregon and Washington State.

I was a partner in the law firm of Gassett, Perry & Frank in San Jose, CA and a founding shareholder of its successor firm, Huber Samuelson. Subsequently, I was the managing partner of the San Francisco office of the law firm of Callahan, Thompson, Sherman & Caudill. I retired from the firm so that I can concentrate on my mediation practice full time.

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